Your Neighbourhood

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Strasburg Road, Block Line Road, Homer Watson Blvd and Ottawa Street
Contact Colleen Coulson (519) 749-1424; email
Mission To foster pride in the neighbourhood, and to maintain a safe and envirnmentally friendly community; to encourage resident participation; to provide a forum for problem solving for community issues; to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Alpine community; to be a voice for neighbourhood interests
Activities Earth Day; Special Events; NA newsletter; NA blog; address neighbourhood concerns as they arise


Auditorium Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Weber from Krug to Ottawa, Ottawa to the Expressway, Expressway to Krug
Contact David Bradshaw 519-578-4586 or email
Mission To encourage and promote community pride.
Activities Social activities, issues that impact the Auditorium community, fund raising. Visit

Bridgeport Community Association

Boundaries Northeast of the Conestoga Expressway (Bridgeport East, Bridgeport North, and Bridgeport west planning districts).
Contact Lynda Hayward, 519-578-8751 or email
Mission Serving the Bridgeport community by providing public recreation in co-operation with existing community non-profit groups, so that a coordinated program of activities results.
Activities Operation of the Bridgeport Community Centre, recreational programming for children, adults and seniors. Special events.

Caryndale Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Community of Caryndale.
Contact Warren Stewart, 519-748-5181 or email
Mission The Caryndale Neighbourhood Association supports social and recreational activities in its community and strives to keep communication open with the City and other associations.
Activities July 1st picnic, Christmas Tableaux, baseball, youth trips, hockey, community bazaars, married couples’ groups, choirs, plant sales.

Cedar Hill Community Group

Boundaries Queen, Madison, Courtland and King Streets.
Contact Karen Taylor-Harrison 519-576-4353 or email
Mission To keep our community safe, secure, inclusive and a welcoming community.
Activities Plant exchange, monthly meetings, Black Walnut Folk Night.

Central Frederick Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Lancaster to Victoria, to Expressway, to Krug, to Weber, to Scott, to Spetz, to Frederick, to Lancaster.
Contact 519-741-2501
Mission To facilitate programs for the neighbourhood, to provide a vehicle for communication (through the newsletter) and to represent neighbourhood views on issues that may affect us.
Activities CFNA is supported by dedicated volunteers who work on many areas important to our neighbourhood: pedestrian and street safety; zoning matters; park revitalization; environmental issues; special events; annual open forum; neighbourhood newsletter.

CFNA is also a member the Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance and helps facilitate recreational, educational and social programs at the Downtown Community Centre.

Centreville-Chicopee Community Association

Boundaries Centreville, Chicopee subdivisions.
Contact 141 Morgan Ave
Kitchener, ON
N2A 2M4
Mission To promote recreation, education and social activities, within the Association’s defined boundaries, and to encourage participation from people of all ages, to foster community sprit.
Activities Floor hockey, basketball, Jr. NBA, St. John’s Ambulance course, COPS program, art and dance classes, preschool, yoga, fitness classes, Tai Chi, Judo, various workshops.

Chandler-Mowat Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Strasburg Road, Ottawa Street, Westmount Road and Conestoga Parkway
President Sandy Vachon
Contact Tim Elliot, 519-741-2733
Mission To promote accessible recreation and personal development programs to the Chandler Mowat community members using a partnership model.
Activities Recreational and educational programs, community outreach and workshops.

Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries K-W boundary to Belmont Ave, South to Victoria Street, East along Victoria St to King St., North along King St. to the K-W boundary.
Contact 519-570-1623

Country Hills Recreation Association

Boundaries Geographic area bounded by Homer Watson Blvd., Bleams Road, Westmount Road, and Blockline Road
Contact Karlene Duff, 519-578-4884, or email
Mission To provide recreational programs for the Country Hills community.
Activities Sports, dance, fitness, preschool.


Deer Ridge Estates Social Club

Boundaries #181 Deer Ridge Drive and #266 Pioneer Tower Road, Grand River, Deer Ridge Golf Course and Grand River, Grand River
Contact Barry Hunt (519) 650-2355 ext 226; email; (519) 749-5267 (cell)
Mission Organize charitable community events, create sense of community, open communication
Activities Summer Party, Spring Ball, Charity Casino Night, Christmas Food Drive, Earth Day, Garage Sale

Doon Mills Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Homer Watson Boulevard, Tilt Drive, Groh Drive and New Dundee Road
Contact Colleen Koehler – 519-748-5665 –
Mission To continue to work for the betterment of the Doon Mills Community and to represent the interests and concerns of all residents with The Region of Waterloo, The City of Kitchener, and our Area Developers.

Doon Pioneer Park Community Association

Boundaries West shore of Grand River from 401 to northern boundaries of Homer Watson Park; the northern boundaries of Homer Watson Park and Doon Heritage Crossroads; Homer Watson Blvd, and Huron Road up to and including Maxwell Drive, south along Biehn Drive, westerly along McLeod Court, Kilbirnie Court, Kilkerran Cres., then back to Biehn Drive ending at the woodland/wetland complex, Caryndale Dr. to Stauffer, then to Groh, then to Dodge Road (excluding the village of Caryndale); Dodge Road and New Dundee Road to the boundaries of the City Of Kitchener at 401; Highway 401 to the Grand River Bridge.
Contact Linda Sadler
Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre
150 Pioneer Drive
Kitchener  N2P 2C2
519-748-9796 (fax)
Mission To assist in building a stronger sense of community by developing, organizing, planning, implementing and promoting community based programs, activities and events which meet the leisure and recreational needs of the members of the Doon Pioneer Park Community.
Activities Preschool programs, sports and fitness programs for children, youth and adults, special events such as family fun nights, children’s holiday parties, sponsor events of other organizations.

Downtown Neighbourhood Alliance

Dan Glenn-Graham
25 Maynard Avenue
Kitchener  N2H 4Z6

Eastbridge On The Grand Neighbourhood Association 

Boundries                         Area is bound by Bridge Street, Northfield Drive, University Ave East and Eastbridge Blvd

Contact                             Cindy Watkin

Forest Heights Community Association

Boundaries Area is bound by Highland Road, Fischer-Hallman Road, the Conestoga Parkway and Trussler Road.
Contact OR
Mission To promote wellness through recreational programs and related activities for the residents of the community of Forest Heights.
Activities Preschool, programs for seniors, adults, youth and children, teen and adult dances, Christmas events, and annual community barbecue.

Grand Hill Village Neighbourhood Association

Contact Maggie Bassin, 519-893-5366 OR
Mission Planning and development in our area.
Activities Picnic, Christmas party, ladies’ lunch.

Greenbelt Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Glasgow at Westwood, to Knell Drive, to Westwood, to Glasgow, to Silvercreek, to Maple Hill.
Contact Dr. Judy-Anne Chapman, 519-579-2996 OR
Mission To protect trees in the neighbourhood, especially the mature forest along Glasgow, Silvercreek, Maple Hill, backing onto the small streets along Westwood Drive. To protect the quality of life in the neighbourhood.
Activities Political meetings as required.

Highland-Stirling Community Group

Boundaries Queen, Highland, Parkway, Homer Watson, Mill Street.
Contact Carolann Mackie, 519-741-2491
Mission To provide cost effective, valuable programs and services for all family members of our community. To provide a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental environment for all.
Activities Recreational programs, resource centre for parents and caregivers, including the Clothing Exchange room, Toy Lending Library. Social supports. A monthly Dinner Date with Dad; Family Halloween Party and Family Christmas party.

Kingsdale Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Fairway Road, Courtland Ave. and Expressway.
Mission A group of community members dedicated to developing a safe and healthy neighbourhood through positive, recreational, social and educational activities in a diverse and nurturing environment for all Kingsdale residents using a partnership model.
Activities Recreational and educational programs, community outreach and workshops.

Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association 


Contact                          Nancy Peng

Lower Doon Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries West shore of the Grand River, Waterloo Regional Agreement Forest, Homer Watson Blvd., Hwy. 401.
Contact Lori Schulz, 748-1227 or
Mission To represent the residents within the boundaries of the LDNA in areas concerning existing situations, proposed changes or planned changes which affect the neighbourhood.
Activities Activities related to planning, coordination and implementing joint action as may be deemed to be in the best interests of the welfare of the neighbourhood.

Mill-Courtland Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Mill, Queen, King, Ottawa
Contact Ron Williams, 519-741-2491
Mission Working together to build a healthy community by providing accessible, affordable, recreational and social programs and services to sustain our neighbourhood as a diverse, family-oriented community.
Activities Preschool, senior, parenting and teen workshops, special family events, part-time community outreach worker on site, clothing room.

Mt Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Victoria Street, Lancaster Street, Waterloo boundary, King Street.
Contact Trudy Beaulne, 519-579-1442
Mission Neighbours working together to make the area a better place for all.
Activities “Time Out” caregiver/child drop in at Grace Lutheran Church every Wednesday morning, Youth drop and family movie nights every Friday evening at Breithaupt Center.  Adults Creative writing workshops.  Community outreach worker, special events, Lippert Park community garden, winter rink programs, safety audits, opportunities to volunteer,  and community issue response. Seasonal newsletter delivered to homes, Affiliated neighbourhood groups: Neighbourhood Mobilzation Alliance and KW Breithaupt Optimist Club.

Northward Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Lancaster Street, Conestoga Parkway, CNR railway track.
Contact Glen Bender, 519-579-8873 OR
Mission To address neighbourhood concerns in order to make our neighbourhood a better place to live.

Olde Berlin Towne Neighbourhood Association in the Civic Centre

Boundaries Weber, Lancaster, Victoria, Frederick Streets.
Contact Donna Keuhl, 519-744-3146
CCNA c/o Downtown Community Centre
35B Weber St. West, Kitchener
N2H 3Z1
Mission To foster pride in our neighbourhood; to maintain a safe community; to promote community awareness in the neighbourhood.
Activities Newsletter five times a year. Consider civic concerns such as property standards. Annual picnic, Christmas event, historical endeavours, special events and meetings.

Pinegrove Community Association

Boundaries King Street East, Highway 401, Grand River to Hwy 8 Bridge, King Street.
Contact Rinze Vanderwerff, 519-653-6807 OR
Mission To solicit input, obtain a consensus and address the issues that affect the members of the Pinegrove Community Association.
Activities Social activities, discussing issues, some programming, fund-raising activities.

Resurrection Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Resurrection Drive, Beechmanor Crescent, Northmanor Crescent and the portion of Glasgow Street between Resurrection Drive and University Avenue (to be renamed later as County Stone Drive).
Contact Bryan Hastie: 519-576-6824

Settler’s Grove Association

Boundaries Wagon Street, Baden Court, Candle Crescent, Winifred Street, Lantern Street, Master Court, A portion of Deer Ridge Drive (up to 177) and 182 to 262 Pioneer Tower Road.
Contact Settlers Grove Community Association
P.O. Box 45082
Kitchener  ON  N2C 1X0

Stanley Park Community Association

Boundaries Victoria St, grand River, Zeller, Lackner, Daimler, Old Chicopee, Fergus, Hwy 8. (encompasses Lackner Woods NA boundaries as well).
Contact Janice Farr;
Mission To promote recreational activities and community outreach in the defined boundaries, and to encourage participation of residents, of all ages, endeavouring to foster community spirit.
Activities Recreational

Victoria Hills Neigbhourhood Association

Boundaries K-W boundary, Fisher Hallman, Highland Road, Patricia Avenue, Victoria Street, Belmont Avenue to K-W boundary.
Contact Eileen Woodworth, 519-741-2717
Mission To promote recreational and leisure activities within the geographic area of the association, with the objective of encouraging participation of residents of all ages living in the area.
Activities Social and recreational activities for all ages.

Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries Queen Street, Highland Road, King Street, Victoria Street, East Avenue.
Contact Downtown Community Centre
35B Weber St W
Kitchener  N2H 3Z1
Mission To provide programs for local residents, youth and children.
Activities Children’s programs, youth programs and adult programs.

Westmount Neighbourhood Association

Boundaries North – City of Kitchener and City of Waterloo Boundary, East – Single family homes west of Belmont Avenue, South – Railroad Tracks, and West – Knell Drive and homes east of Knell Drive facing Glasgow Street.
Contact John Goemans, 519-744-7004.
Mission To advocate so that conservation of Westmount’s unique classic character will be ensured.
Activities Planning, zoning, student housing, green space and trees, traffic and transit planning.
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