Top ten splurges that add value to your home

Everyone is looking to save a buck, but scrimping isn’t always best when renovating. Investing money in your home is smart so we’ve highlighted 10 key splurges that may actually add value and end up saving you money.


  1. Energy efficient appliances are a great investment. You may be spending more up front but the amount spent will be reimbursed in no time. Plus, if reselling your home, home buyers usually attribute a higher value to the machines than they actually cost.
  2. Hardwood flooring boosts the value of your home the minute someone steps foot on it. There is an endless selection of woods and stains that complement a variety of design styles. Finding the right one is as easy as walking into any flooring store and choosing your favourite one!
  3. Installing solar energy alternatives add more than just monetary value to your home. Using solar panels or solar water heaters are quickly becoming popular, especially in our new money-strapped, green-conscious world. These options are initially expensive but will pay off in the long run and reduce your carbon footprint vastly.
  4. Honeycomb blinds are stylish and energy-saving. These window coverings blend in easily with any decor and work to keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  5. Choosing an investment furniture piece is essential. Decide on the area that is the most important to you. A custom created couch or a much-desired dining room set can up your style quotient instantly.
  6. Splurging on a new air-conditioner or furnace may not sound like fun, but updating these units is important. Old furnaces have a shelf life of about 15 to 17 years, so if yours is approaching retirement age, start looking now. A complete HVAC system improves not only cost and energy efficiency, but it also improves your home’s air quality with HEPA air filters, electronic air cleaners or humidifiers. With this purchase you’ll be breathing easy.
  7. Putting a roof over your head doesn’t have to be boring. Picking the right roof tiles updates the exterior of your home immediately. Whether it’s classic cedar shake or sophisticated slate, a new roof will add instant curb appeal.
  8. A kitchen update is a homeowner’s dream. When splurging on your home, going custom is the only way. Kitchen specialists offer in-home consultations that help you decide how you can use your kitchen more effectively, eliminating bothersome buyer’s remorse after an ill-designed layout.
  9. While investing in your kitchen, go the extra mile to include high-end appliances. A sub-zero refrigerator, professional grade oven and cook top or even an under-counter wine fridge will shine and impress visitors.
  10. Ready to make a splash? Use that extra money to have some fun in the backyard! Installing a pool gives family and friends a great place to chill during warm summer months. And solar heating units extend the life of your pool into the late spring and early fall as well. While you’re at it, buy a fabulous outdoor living set perfect for quiet summer nights or vibrant backyard parties.
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