Buyers Tips

Buying your first home is an exciting event and it’s fun for your real estate agent too! Find a buyers agent experienced with first time home buyers programs and available down payment gift or grants. Receive starter home listings, cash back mortgage details and tips and information on home loans from your agent.

Grants that may be available right now are:

1) First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit

Remember these important tips on buying a home:

Finding a home:

  • Find a qualified and experienced Buyer’s Agent
  • Get prequalified for a mortgage
  • Get you agent to send you listings as soon as they come on the market
  • Know the extra costs (survey, tax, lawyer, etc.)
  • Decide what mortgage payments you’re comfortable with
  • View open houses in a variety of locations and housing types
  • Learn what properties sell for, focus on one location and housing type
  • Wait for the right house to make an offer, be prepared to negotiate

After the deal is made:

  • Arrange for mortgage financing
  • Arrange for a home inspection and a survey
  • Give notice to your landlord
  • Hire a mover
  • Start building equity in your new home


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